Discuss Your Ideas

The most critical and vital step in the process we need to fully understand your desired goals and outcomes to provide the best service and guidance. We do this through a series of calls and in person meetings if possible. We start with the initial consultation where we discuss your overall concept at a high level and what problem you are trying to solve and how you anticipate solving it.

Design Your App

We begins the design phase by creating 3-4 versions of the first 2 screens of your app, this allows you to set the theme for the look and feel of the app. We allow you to mix and match and if we miss, let's retry to make sure we get the desired outcome you expect and want. Once we have the theme we move on to designing all screens and creating an Invision simulation allowing you to view static screens with hotspots for navigation on a mobile device or computer.

Develop Your Idea

Development with a unique approach to Tech docs, we develop a high level overview, then a screen by screen approach allowing the developers complete understanding of each screen of the app and the desired functionality. We then develop back to front style where we set up the data layer and the basic API calls prior to building out the front, this allows us to begin Front end development while the backend is being finished with support for better efficiency.