Explainer Videos

An animated video can be super effective when introducing a main character to help emphasize with the viewer’s point of view.  We custom illustrate each character and develop an interesting story around him/her. Often times this character can take the form of your ideal customer, it’s a great way to relate to the audience

Motion Graphics Animation

Our team has the ability to mirror design platforms when showcasing a “high level” how it works video. So while a video with characters can be fun and effective, the same applies when using just motion graphics and custom illustration – both are effective when done properly.

TV or PreRoll Ads

Animation is a hot trend on TV and in PreRoll ads. Our spots are great for TV or Online. We can produce these spots in any length, though most of our clients choose 15 or 30 seconds.

Web Tutorials

These screen cast videos are great for any website because it allows you to show users how your platform or offering works in full detail. We capture the screen movements in high resolution then in post production we edit each video by adding key features like zooms and highlights. This allows the viewer to fully understand how each feature works.

Mobile App Demo Videos

As an app owner or product manager it’s important to show how your mobile app works. Sure it’s intuitive and probably very easy to navigate. But, a video showing how to use key features is an important tool and can help reduce abandonment.

What More We Can Do

Producing world class explainer videos are only part of the story. At the end of the day we are an animation studio and a full service video production shop. So, we can also help with Mobile App Demos Videos or Mobile App Trailers, Website Screencast Videos, Social Media Videos, Live Action Spots, TV Commercials, Animated Pre Roll Ads, and more.